Welcome to Always Management. We are an International Bookings Agency & Artist Management company based in the Netherlands.
After 15 years of experience working on multiple fields of Electronic Dance Music, we built up an extensive network of highly qualified professionals, talented artists, reliable promoters, effective suppliers, and gained a deep knowledge in the widest sense of the industry, making the perfect formula that Always Management offers under exclusive services and solutions for every artistic scale.
The founder of Always Management is Lia Martin, born in Spain and currently based in the Netherlands.
This award-winning entrepreneur starts her career back in 2001, working at two magazines specialised in Electronic Dance Music and fashion, after finishing her degree in journalism, masters on Media Marketing, Direct Marketing and MBA on TV companies.
Within 2 years she becomes executive producer at an external company, producing and serving content for a public radio-TV. She enjoyes focusing on the music shows -radio, TV and concerts/live events- and especially on Electronic Dance Music.
She manages teams of technicians, producers, radio journalists, artists and advertising selling-forces, developing products, creating advertising formats, brands and event concepts with successful experiences.
After 4 years she chooses the Dance Music Industry as her favourite field, working on BTL marketing projects, creating product-user experiences related to Dance Music and DJs, event production, marketing management, show design and planning, artist bookings, ticketing, merchandising, sales, PR and promotions, reaching a top level in her native country with projects related to artists such as Tiësto, among other international names and brands.
Inspired by these experiences, at the end of 2009 she decides to take a big step on her career, moving to the Netherlands.
She starts up as a freelance booking agent for Twenty4seven Management -one of the world’s biggest music agencies specialising in Trance with acts such as Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Aly & Fila-. At the same time Lia founds Always Management, booking top and medium international artists in collaboration with multiple House and Progressive-house related companies.
During the last 5 years she has been developing her network, skills and knowledge regarding record labels, publishing, legal affairs, music production, mentoring and managing artists.
It is in 2015 when she takes one step further with Always Management, forming a great team of dedicated people and signing highly talented recording artists and producers.
What is next? Let’s write the story together!




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